More ’39 Steps’

More ’39 Steps’

A few odds and ends to share with you!

First up, a video produced by the Hoogland Center for the Arts in Springfield, where we (the cast and crew) enjoyed three tremendously “on-board” audiences who happily allowed themselves to be swept up in our insanity. To Gus and everyone at Hoogland; thank you for the invite, the opportunity, and the support you gave our production! It was a wildly enjoyable run and we could not be more grateful.

Next up is a cast & crew photo we took outside Hoogland. I love this pic because it truly represents our show. What you (the audience) see onstage with the actors is only a fraction of what goes on as a whole. This is truly the entire cast of The 39 Steps.

One last bit of linkage: a piece the Herald & Review’s Jim Vorel wrote in support of our roadtrip to Springfield.

Good Times!

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